About Us

Bread Basket Inc is a second-generation Duncan family-owned and operated bakery. They’ve been baking in the valley since 1988. Paul, Sandy, and their sons successfully grew the bakery from one to three retail locations in the 1990s, selling bread, baked sweets, and pies. They had their own stone ground mill, and ground about half a ton of flour every three days. In 2004, Paul and Sandy sold all three locations and retired.

In 2014, Paul and Sandy noticed the Mesa retail location was sitting empty, and they couldn’t resist the opportunity to buy it back. Two years later, their eldest son and his fiancé, Jason and Valerie, stepped in to help them run the family business, and decided to purchase and manage the bakery. In May of 2018, Jason and Valerie were married in Sedona, Arizona. Just one week later, they opened their second Bread Basket location in Scottsdale, Arizona, the location of the original Bread Basket. With over 40 years combined experience in the bakery business and corporate management, Jason and Valerie are aggressively growing the business with focus on wholesale, retail, and market expansion throughout the state of Arizona.

Bread Basket uses organic ingredients and traditional methods to produce exceptional Whole Wheat Breads, dinner rolls, and bread bowls with no oils, preservatives, fats, or dairy products in most of their bread. When you buy Bread Basket bread, you can trust that you’ll be buying only the freshest bread made in the last 24 ours. Bread over 24 hours is donated to local community food banks.

In addition to their bread, they offer a daily breakfast and lunch menu to include gourmet grilled sandwiches made with Boar’s Head meat and cheese, soup of the day available in their Sourdough bread bowls, and a variety of delicious salads. Customers love their selection of sweet breads, cookies, scones, cinnamon rolls, and seasonal desserts.

They were proud to have the opportunity to share their bread with the NASA space program in the 1990s, when their bread was selected and enjoyed by astronauts on three separate space shuttle missions.

While they continually strive for innovation at Bread Basket, they are still making their creations the way Grandma made them for your family and friends to enjoy.